Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Out from the Hat...

Pops a white rabbit!!

Today was a fun day. I got to spend time with my dear friends chatting away. On this evening I watched Paranormal Activity for the first time. It was such a DRAGGGGG!!!! But I had a lot of fun watching it since I watched it with my dearest friend Emeraude~

But thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn it all came to a crashing halt! The bi-polar witch of the west showed up home from work. My mom came home and first thing she does when she walks through that door? Yells at me!! Only because I forgot my box in the living room and then forgot to do the dishes before she came home. Made me sooooooooooooooooooooooo mad!

Here I am cleaning up and packing to get ready to go back to my college today and she just has to yell and nag at me! I do as much work as she does even though it looks like I don't! Its harder being a student then it is working everyday.

But at least my past week has been pretty good. I got to hang out with my friend who moved back from japan finally! We ended up going to Ihop at 3am and then walmart for a little fun.
While at Ihop our waiter seemed like he was on something..he was very humorous! I asked for a little bowl of whip creme and he gave us this giant bowl! But then I got my chocolate chip pancakes...but I only ended up eating two of them but then I made a Santa out of them!! It was good fun!

I also go to meet up some old friends from high school. It was great! I really missed hanging out with people who got me. Who thought similar thoughts as I do. Who are in the same style and enjoy the same stuff. Its like a breath of fresh air! And I took a gigantic breath of it! We met up at Jimmy' Johns for dinner and caught up and then we ended up going to the movies to see Sherlock Holmes! I can't wait to hang out with everyone again.

Til again my dears. Back down the rabbit hole I go!